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Help and Resources

  • EBCCP Tutorial Video

    This video provides a tutorial on how to use the Evidence-Based Cancer Control Programs (EBCCP) website. Learn how to search and compare programs; view real-world case study narratives; and find various resources on adapting and implementing programs.

  • EBCCP Connection Newsletter

    Sign up for the EBCCP Connection Newsletter for the latest information about the EBCCP website! As a subscriber, you will receive information on newly and previously posted programs, case study narratives, information on the developer of the program, implementation tips, and much moreā€¦

  • Resource for Adaptation and Implementation

    Putting Public Health Evidence in Action: The Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network (CPCRN) has created an interactive training curriculum to support community program planners and health educators in developing skills in using evidence-based approaches.

  • Resource for Adaptation and Implementation

    Evidence-Based Intervention Planning Guides for Health Care Providers: This resource includes four evidence-based Intervention planning guides that provide tips to help clinic staff and those who provide technical assistance to them to implement evidence-based interventions to increase screening for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer.

  • Implementation Science at a Glance

    Designed specifically for cancer control practitioners, Implementation Science at a Glance provides a succinct overview of the rapidly evolving field. The guide shows how greater use of implementation science can support the effective adoption of evidence-based interventions. It also includes case studies that illustrate how practitioners are successfully applying implementation science in their cancer control programs.

  • EBCCP Connects with Research Reviews

    The Guide to Community Preventive Services (the Community Guide) provides guidance on the effectiveness of types of interventions, which may include interventions found on EBCCP. Systematic reviews are conducted by the Task Force on Community Preventive Services who uses the findings as the basis for their recommendations for practice, policy and future research.

  • Program Submission

    We are interested in continuing to add to the current listing of the evidence-based programs on the EBCCP website and appreciate your consideration of submitting your program. For more information on evidence-based program submission, read the EBCCP Submission and Review Process: A Guide for Program Developers