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Breast Cancer Screening Evidence-Based Programs Listing

Examples of Mass media interventions, which have insufficient evidence according to the Community Preventive Services Task Force
Open/Close Additional Information Program Title & Description
Program Area Population Focus Delivery Location Community Type Age Age Sex Race/Ethnicity Origination Materials Purpose Program URL
Intervention Category: Small media interventions, Group education interventions, Multicomponent Interventions and Mass media interventions
Breast Cancer Screening, Colorectal Cancer Screening, Cervical Cancer Screening Un- and/or Under-Screened People Clinical, Other Settings, Religious Establishments Urban/Inner City 19-39 Years (Young Adults), 40-65 Years (Adults), 65+ Years (Older Adults) 19-39 Years, 40-65 Years, 65+ Years Female, Male Black (not of Hispanic or Latino Origin) United States Partially Available on the Website Designed to promote cancer screening among African American adults.