Obesity Evidence-Based Programs Listing

Examples of Increasing Water Access in Schools, which have insufficient evidence according to the Community Preventive Services Task Force
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Intervention Category: Increasing Water Access in Schools, Meal and Fruit and Vegetable Snack Interventions to Increase Healthier Foods and Beverages Provided by Schools and Interventions Supporting Healthier Snack Foods and Beverages Sold or Offered as a Reward in Schools
Diet/Nutrition, Obesity School Children School (K-College) Urban/Inner City 11-18 years (Adolescents) 11-18 years Female, Male Asian, Black - not of Hispanic or Latino origin, Hispanic or Latino, White - not of Hispanic or Latino origin United States Available from third party only The program is designed to promote healthy dietary habits to reduce obesity among seventh-grade children. https://ebccp.cancercontrol.cancer.gov/programDetails.do?programId=28030180