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Past Newsletters

EBCCP April Newsletter

April, 2024

This issue features Dr. Rachel Laws, the lead investigator of the INfant Feeding, Activity and NutriTion (INFANT) program. She provides scale-up tips for sustaining a program based on over 15 years of research.

EBCCP March Newsletter

March, 2024

This issue spotlights colorectal cancer awareness month. Browse the EBCCP website for over 20 colorectal cancer screening programs.

EBCCP February Newsletter

February, 2024

This issue provides an overview of new program eligibility criteria and an updated list of featured program areas; EBCCP now includes lung cancer screening.

EBCCP December Newsletter

December, 2023

This issue features the program developer of the StrongPeople programs, Dr. Seguin-Fowler. She provides implementation advice and discusses the role of community partners.

EBCCP October Newsletter

October, 2023

This issue features recently added case studies for teaching that help students develop their public health competencies related to research, evaluation, and implementation science.

EBCCP August Newsletter

August, 2023

This issue spotlights the Community Guide and EBCCP partners Elizabeth A. Rohan, Stephanie Melillo, and Amy Lansky of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

EBCCP July Newsletter

July, 2023

This issue features the program developer and staff of Organized Outreach Using Mailed FIT for Colorectal Cancer Screening. They provide implementation advice and tell us more about their direct mailing intervention.

EBCCP April Newsletter

April, 2023

This issue features the program developer and staff of De Casa en Casa: Cervical Cancer Screening Program. They provide implementation advice and discuss the importance of having multilingual screening materials.

EBCCP November Newsletter

November, 2022

This issue features the program developers of Forever Free, Stop Smoking for Good, and Libre del Cigarrillo. The evolution of Drs. Thomas Brandon and Vani Simmons’ tobacco cessation research and their implementation tips are also highlighted.

EBCCP September Newsletter

September, 2022

This issue features Dr. James Annesi who shares details about the featured program, Youth Fit 4 Life. Dr. Annesi also provides implementation advice, and updates readers on his current research.

EBCCP July Newsletter

July, 2022

With a focus on diet and nutrition, this newsletter highlights the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) and features an interview with the developer, Dr. Hans Diehl. This issue also encourages readers to submit their programs to EBCCP and share their #MyEBCCPStory.

EBCCP May Newsletter

May, 2022

Learn about the Colorado Kids Sun Care Program and meet the developer, Dr. Lori Crane. This program increases awareness and promotion of sun protection behavior in children and reveals an increase in sun protection behavior.

EBCCP March Newsletter

March, 2022

With March marking National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month, this issue features the Culturally Tailored Navigator Intervention Program for Colorectal Cancer Screening. Also learn how to have your program reviewed and considered for inclusion on the EBCCP website.

EBCCP December Newsletter Week Four

December, 2021

This issue of the newsletter celebrates the relaunch of the EBCCP website and highlights the Pool Cool in Kansas case study, which educates youth across the state about the importance of sun safety. Follow along as the forthcoming newsletters highlight different case studies each week leading up to the new year.

EBCCP December Newsletter Week Three

December, 2021

While reflecting on the past year, EBCCP commends everyone who assisted with COVID-19 vaccination efforts and highlights the importance of vaccines for HPV. This issue features the DOSE HPV program in Boston and the Making Effective HPV Vaccine Recommendations program in Kansas.

EBCCP December Newsletter Week Two

December, 2021

There are only 10 days until the new year, and EBCCP is thanking caregivers and providers who support cancer patients. In this issue, find 19 programs on survivorship and supportive care, and read the case study on the Touch, Caring and Cancer Program in Chicago.

EBCCP December Newsletter Week One

December, 2021

With the new year rapidly approaching, this newsletter allows readers to explore the 96 diet and nutrition and physical activity programs that EBCCP has to offer. This issue also highlights case studies from Riverside County and Monterey County, designed to improve dietary habits and increase physical activity among fourth-grade children.

EBCCP November Newsletter

November, 2021

November is National Family Caregivers Month. Find the Bright IDEAS: Problem-Solving Skills Training program featured in this issue, along with additional resources for adaptation and implementation of EBCCP programs.

EBCCP June Newsletter

June, 2021

It’s Summer Sun Safety Month, and this newsletter highlights the Cool Pool program, which promotes sun-protection behaviors. Also find other EBCCP programs regarding sun safety, and read FAQs about EBCCP programs and materials in this issue.

EBCCP April Newsletter

April, 2021

This newsletter highlights the Development of Systems and Education for the HPV Vaccination (DOSE HPV) program and features interviews with developer Dr. Rebecca Perkins and implementer Dr. Thomas J. Schuch. Also read the latest Insights from the Cancer Control Field and some FAQs.

EBCCP February Newsletter

February, 2021

Watch a new tutorial video on how to search for programs on the redesigned Evidence-Based Cancer Control Programs (EBCCP) website. This newsletter also highlights how to provide supportive care and improve the quality of life for cancer patients and survivors and their caregivers, and features the Touch, Caring and Cancer Program.