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SunSafe in the Middle School Years - Program Materials

Program Materials Listing

Implementation Guide
Program delivery protocol.
The Implementation Guide is a resource for implementing this evidence-based program. It provides important information about the staffing and functions necessary for administering this program in the user's setting. Additionally, the steps needed to carry out the program, relevant program materials, and information for evaluating the program are included.
Primary Care Practice Manual ( Preview )
Clinician manual
Sports Coach Manual ( Preview )
Coaches manual
Rec Center/Lifeguard Manual ( Preview )
Recreational staff manual
School Policy Manual ( Preview )
Middle school policy manual
Peer Group Manual ( Preview )
Peer manual
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Health Education Teacher Guide ( Preview )
Teacher manual
Classroom Activities Teacher Manual ( Preview )
Class activities manual
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  • Program materials used in this research project may only be previewed from this site.
  • You may preview each item individually by selecting the links provided, however, the program materials from this program can only be obtained directly from the developer.

Adaptation Guidelines:

  • Program Adaptation Guidelines: provides tips on how to ensure your program's optimal success in your community's setting when adapting materials that were designed and tested within a controlled research study. Before adapting programs, users should review current literature, guidelines, and other evidence reviews to update the program materials.
  • Putting Public Health Evidence in Action: an interactive training curriculum to support community program planners and health educators in developing skills in using evidence-based approaches.
Updated: 04/03/2012